Founded in 1961, Elite Awards is in the business of manufacturing and selling corporate awards, corporate gifts, and promotional products.

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Why choose Elite Awards & Gifts?

Custom Work
Elite Awards, as an on-shore custom manufacturer. We can do a great many things that others can't. From one of a kind virtual designs to complete production of thousands as per your purchase order requirements.. We are seasoned professionals in all areas of our business.

Not only do we manufacture using the highest quality of materials, our quality control is second to none, as all of our operations are at one location. We are on top of every process as it is being completed, so we do not just inspect the end product.

We are a family run business, and every process is at one location. This means quick account set up, quick decision making and quotations, and faster designing and manufacturing. We carry a huge inventory of raw materials and products, so we can get your order to you with speed.

The Biggest
In our specialties, we are the largest manufacturer, wholesaler, designer, and seller in Canada.

We have customers and material suppliers throughout the world. We think this gives everyone involved the benefit of our wealth of experience, and it displays our desire to ensure the best in every aspect of our business, by seeking it out wherever it may be found throughout the globe.

Proudly Canadian
Elite Awards is a wholly owned Canadian manufacturer. The products we make from wood are from trees that come through sustainable forestry. The definition of sustainable forestry is: Management and utilization of forests to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, by integrating the reforestation, growing, nurturing, and harvesting of trees for useful products with conservation of soil, air, and water quality as well as maintenance of plant and animal diversity and aesthetics.

It is little wonder that Elite Awards & Gifts is one of the premier manufacturers of corporate awards, corporate gifts, and promotional products in Canada, as it is truly time-honoured. Three partners opened the business in 1960, including Norton Orser (the father of the current president). It all began with the manufacturing of solid wood trophies, and the broader category of manufacturing corporate awards from the highest quality hardwoods has remained a core business for Elite Awards & Gifts.

The product line quickly blossomed to include gift ware, such as spoon racks and coasters. Over the next few decades, product lines saw many expansions and customers grew by leaps and bounds. It was during this time that the business became entirely that of the Orser family.

The first major ownership change happened when two of the partners bought out the third. The second came in 1981, when Norton Orser bought out his remaining partner and took his son, Chris, on board. Finally, in 1992, Chris Orser took over Elite, and he has been at the helm of this continually growing business every since.

Today, Elite Awards & Gifts has numerous employees, hundreds of customers, and thousands of products. Many of the manufacturing processes have been computerized. Some processes are still done in age-old ways using traditional methods to ensure optimum effects and qualities. Now, the Elite Awards materials used are vast - optical crystal, lead crystal, glass, acrylic, oak, maple, walnut, rosewood, mahogany, marble, granite, slate, stone, metal, plastic, leather - and the Elite Awards processes are numerous - laser engraving, sand etching, silk screening, endless computerized design capabilities, all wood processes from raw woods to finished products, lacquering, staining, sanding, polishing, packaging, and the list goes on. The possibilities are almost limitless.

We take this opportunity to thank our extremely valuable customers, our dedicated and highly skilled employees, and our terrific suppliers.

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